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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Worst snowstorm in 12 years hits midwest, administration rushes to handle power outages on campus

Herb Jones, of Security and Jeffery Powell of Physical Plant and their crew carrying out plans for resident's safety. Credit: Joel Nayder

By: Samantha Sanchez, Managing Editor

Feb. 1 and 2 brought the worst snowstorm in the Chicago area since 1999. Through Tuesday afternoon and early into Wednesday morning 20.2 inches of snow were dumped on the city, leading to abandoned cars on Lake Shore Drive, street-blocking snow drifts and power outages throughout Dominican University.

Starting on Monday Jan. 31 the school began receiving calls from worried students and parents asking about the school’s plans for the upcoming blizzard. Thankfully, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) had a protocol plan that made the coming days a little bit easier.

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Blizzard brings uncomfortable living situations for resident students

Most of the buildings on campus lost power and/or heat, while Centennial and Priory residents lucked out. ComEd was backlogged with local power outages; power was restored when Physical Plant bought a large generator. Credit: Joel Nayder

By: Stacy Portilla, Contributing Reporter

On Monday, Jan. 31, The National Weather Service changed the Midwest blizzard watch into a blizzard warning. “A blizzard watch remains in effect from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon,” the station stated. They predicted a snowfall of two to three inches an hour, with a total accumulation of up to 18 inches. With this news came hope, hope of a citywide snow day, but for Dominican residents the perks of a snow day turned into an uncomfortable few days.

At 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday Feb.1, as the snow continued to fall, many offices shut down early, and those who had to leave campus left while they still could.  Many local students went home and other flocked to off campus housing to be amongst friends for the next two days.

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Egypt’s President Mubarak steps down: Why Egypt matters and why we should care

After 18 days of the anti-Mubarak protests in Egypt, the majority of it in Tahrir Square, Mubarak handed the military control of the country on the morning Feb 11. Credit: Reuters

After 18 days of the anti-Mubarak protests in Egypt, the majority of it in Tahrir Square, Mubarak handed the military control of the country on the morning Feb 11. Credit: Reuters

Letter from the Editors

By: Angela Romano & Kaitlin Kimont, Editors-in-chief

On Friday Feb. 11, Egypt erupted in celebration after President Hosni Mubarak announced his resignation and transfer of presidential power to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. After three weeks of zealous, continually growing protests wanting a democratic reform, Mubarak’s 30-year reign had come to an end. Nevertheless, Egyptians are jubilant and victorious.

Protests started on Tuesday, Jan. 25, when, inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia, thousands began taking to the streets to protest poverty, rampant unemployment, government corruption and autocratic governance of Mubarak. These were the first protests on such a large scale in Egypt since the 1970s, according to the Huffington Post.

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Team intervenes in cases concerning students


By: Kelly Butler, Staff Reporter

When students start lashing out or behaving strangely, the Behavioral Concerns Team steps in to handle the situation.

Faculty, staff or other students who notice unusual behavior in a student can report him or her to the Behavioral Concerns Team who then assesses the student and determines what kind of help or services he or she needs.

Dean of Students Trudi Goggin and head of the Behavioral Concerns Team, said the team handles many kinds of cases and determines if intervention or other kinds of help are necessary.

The Behavioral Concerns Team is a student behavioral response team for community intervention, mediation and risk management.  The goal of the team is to consider the best interest for the student and the campus community. The team assesses the risk the student poses to his or her self and to other members of campus. If the problem is serious enough or if it is escalating, the board will intervene.

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Lessons learned through service learning


By: Cait Guerra, Contributing Reporter

For many students a service learning experience could turn into a possible career.

“After I did my service learning I really wanted to go into social work. I even looked to see if I could do a social work internship for my internship credit for fashion,” Dominican student Lauren Nelms said. “I just think it’s really interesting to see how our clothes that have a stain on them get redone and sold to others for just a few dollars, when we paid like $40 for it.”

When first coming to Dominican, all students hear about the four pillars of Dominican life: service, community, study, and prayer. Lately, the service pillar has been on the rise. More and more professors are requiring service learning as part of their classes and Director of Service Learning MaDonna Thelen has been there to help.

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DU freshman disprove depression trend


By: Dominic Schwab, Staff Reporter

The college freshmen of this academic year may be more depressed than freshmen in years past.

Undergraduate freshmen displayed record low emotional health in a national survey conducted by the University of California at Los Angeles.  Those same students simultaneously displayed high levels of ambition to achieve academically.

According to the report, mental health in undergraduate freshmen dropped from 55.3 percent last year to 51.9 percent this year.  This year’s score is the lowest reported by the University of California at Los Angeles since they began the survey in 1985.

Conversely, 75.8 percent of those same freshmen rated their desire to achieve academically as above average.

Dominican students, however, did not seem to conform to these national trends of depression.

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IT enforces new password policy

Dominican passwords must be changed by the end of February. Credit: Samantha Sanchez, Dominican Star

By: Rene Howard-Paez, Staff Reporter

Dominican is currently in the process of implementing new password policies for its campus network.  Students, staff and faculty members were encouraged to change their passwords – and create much more complex ones – more often. IT recently sent out a campus-wide e-mail outlining these new procedures.

The e-mail gave many details regarding the new policy. Questions were answered about how to change the network password and what would happen if a student did not change his or her password. It provided a summary of the new password requirements and contact information for answers to further questions.

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