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Q&A With Stacy Reynolds

Sophomore Guard Stacy Reynolds. Credit:

By: Jackie Kasprzycki

Sophomore Guard on the 1st place women’s basketball team

Height : 5’9

1. Where did you play basketball previous to Dominican?

I went to high school in LaGrange, IL and played for Lyons Township high school.

2. Why did you choose Dominican to play basketball?

I was pursued heavily by Coach Lane, and when I came to Dominican for the first time I met all the girls, we had dinner and had a tour. Ever since then I was in love with the campus and knew this was the place for me.

3. How do you feel about the season so far? Are you surprised at all at the success?

We feel great, especially since in the preseason poll we were picked last.  We worked hard as a team and proved to everyone how good we were. We knew we were better that everyone gave us credit for, in a way I think we surprised ourselves.

4. What is the biggest challenge in the NAC?

I would say Wisconsin Lutheran. We recently played them and lost by about ten. We will probably play them later in the year, something we are looking forward to so we can get some revenge.

5. Where do you see your team in a few months?

We hope to stay in first place, and also to later win the conference tournament so that we can make it to the NCAA tournament.

6. What is your favorite thing about playing for DU?

The girls on the team, they make it so fun. We all get along very well, especially outside of basketball. Basketball extends for us a lot further than just the sport.


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