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Super Bowl XLV

Steelers Win Super Bowl XLV. Credit:

By: Rene Howard-Paez

I am still recovering, like the rest of the city from the insurmountable pain that the Bears caused me on Jan. 23. It was saddening to see the season of the Monsters of the Midway end so abruptly and in such fashion.

The game had tons of ups and downs, from the lack of offense and the switching of so many quarterbacks. I lost most of my hope in the first quarter, immediately after the Packers scored two touchdowns. The Bears loss made me lose most of my interest in Super Bowl XLV, but that doesn’t meant that it won’t be a gripping super bowl featuring two well-deserving teams.

Controversy still looms around the da Bears because of the “questionable exit” of Jay Cutler. I stand behind my belief that the most sacked quarterback in the 2010-2011 season would not sit out the NFC championship game unless he needed to.

Many questioned his toughness and dedication including many players who tweeted during the game, soliciting a “yea they would tweet while their season is over” response from teammate Brian Urlacher. Cutler’s stoic reactions on the sidelines were also questioned, but give the guy a break. People express their emotions differently and when have fans every seen Cutler with a smile on his face on the sidelines?

Chicago fans seem to be split on whom they favor to win the highest honor in football. Some die harder fans want the Steelers to win to have their revenge on the cheese heads. Other fans want the Packers to win because it would show that the Bears lost to the best team in football.

The Steelers are the same hardnosed team that they were when they last won the Super Bowl two years ago. The Packers have one of the best offense/defense combinations this season. My pick is probably the Packers, who are riding off tons of momentum after barely making the playoffs as a wild card pick.

The super bowl will be the same highly televised million dollar event that it usually is with two teams fighting it out during four quarters to try and get the Lombardi trophy.

Unfortunately for our city, the beloved Bears could not make it this far. What the season did leave us with was a reason to look forward to the next season. The Bears played amazingly throughout the season and ran through all of their opponents in the NFC North.

Hopefully they pick up on their mistakes and improve on them for next year, so we can be looking forward to the Super Bowl in about one year exactly.



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