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Q&A with Taylor O’Brien, Sophomore outfielder for women’s softball team

By: Rene Howard-Paez, Staff Reporter

How did last year go?

Last year we did very well during the regular season even though we had an early exit in the NAC tournament. Many players left the team who were very good hitters, but this year we added a lot more speed.

How is the team feeling about this season?

The team feels good about this season; we have high hopes for the upcoming season. We have a lot of talented freshman and transfer players who should make the team better.

Biggest challenge/rival in the NAC?

Concordia is probably our biggest rival, but Aurora and Benedictine are our biggest challenges because they are usually higher than us in standings and better than us.

Hopes for this season? Expectations?

We think we are going to have a good season and do well in the NAC tournament, I think this year we can definitely get past the first round and perhaps even win the tournament!

The Dominican softball team ended last season with a record of 24-15 and also had the highest team


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