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Chang brings kung fu performance to Navy Pier

By: Nancy Reyes, Contributing Reporter

Brandon Chang opened the Chinese New Year Celebration with a vivid demonstration of the ancient martial art of kung fu

Navy Pier hosted the Chinese New Year celebration on Feb. 13. Chang was one of the 12 performers at Navy Pier.

“I’ve been doing kung fu for eight years now; it’s a true satisfaction.”

Chang was wearing a bright orange costume when he was on stage. The vibrant orange stood out while he made sharp movements with his body.

“Kung fu is a type of martial art, and it consists of sharp kicks and strong hand techniques,” Chang said. “In Kung Fu, you destroy your opponent without losing your balance.”

Chang celebrates Chinese New Year by having dinner with his family and by cleaning the house from top to bottom.

“It’s important that we have everything clean before the New Year arrives,” Chang said. “The way we receive the Chinese New Year will determine the way it will receive us.”

Chang however wasn’t the only performer who caught the crowd’s attention.

Amy Xie, 17, practiced her dynasty dance routine for nearly two months before the New Year show. Xie wore a blue silk robe with gold designs going down the middle and carried a black fan with pink painted flowers.

She said, “A woman is considered beautiful when she takes the effort to fix herself.” Her enormous hair piece was also part of the dynasty costume. “In China, long black hair is considered beautiful,” she said.

Xie’s favorite part about Chinese New Year was “the red envelopes.” In China it is traditional for the elders to give money to the unmarried youth in red envelopes. Xie said red means good fortune, and it’s a very lucky color.

Story corrected on Sept. 14.


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