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Smaller dance team makes bigger profit

By: Katelyn Boehmke, Contributing Reporter

The Dominican University dance team will perform its annual showcase Friday, March 25 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 26 at 4 p.m. in the Lund Auditorium.

This year’s showcase, “Adrenaline,” will feature 18 dances choreographed by the team’s captains, Valerie Frances and Cristina Cipriano, a few members of the team, and three guest choreographers.

Dancing is not the only component that is put into the success of the showcase. The team figures out its budget and raises money to pay for costumes, lighting, sound, video, programs and advertising.

The team usually turns to the budget committee to see if they would be willing to pay for any of the show’s expenses. Fundraising usually covers the rest.

“In order to raise some money, we had two bake sales that went really well. We were able to raise a lot more money this year than years past because we asked for donations,” captain Valerie Frances said.

Not only does the team have to spend their time doing fundraisers, they also spend a lot of time choreographing, teaching the choreography and choosing costumes and music for each dance.

“Each individual choreographer will also design their own costumes for their dance. For the most part the dancers will pay for their own individual costumes, so choreographers try to keep the costumes as cheap as possible,” Larson said.

The showcase consists of an opener and closer routine that is choreographed by the captains. The show has 18 dances that are about two to three minutes each.

The practices leading up to the showcase become very stressful, especially since they are longer than usual practices. The week before the showcase the team will practice every night for about six hours.

“Closer and closer to the show it gets crazy. A lot of the girls get a little crabby and tired. This is mostly because we have extended practices and are at Dominican until really late on some days,” captain Cristina Cipriano said.

Although the team puts in much effort as a whole, captains Cristina and Valerie put the majority of the work in to making sure the showcase runs smoothly.

“The captains, Val and I, have been in charge of hiring people needed to work the show, contacting people, advertising, making up the dances, etc. We do it all!” Cipriano said.

The dance team has been performing its spring showcase since 2007, but many of the members feel like this particular showcase will be different than years past. Not only is the team smaller (this year there are 12 girls on the team), but the showcase in general has more of an upbeat feel rather than slow and lyrical.

Captain Valerie Frances said a major difference this year is that the team works well together and gets along better than in past years. The team has also done more advertisements for this showcase, including posters, Facebook links and Campus News notes.

“Our spring showcase is what we work for all year,” Larson said. “The girls work extremely hard both fall and spring semester to put together an amazing show for Dominican students, family and friends. There are so many different styles of dance in our show, I think there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

The showcase will also include Irish dancing, ballroom dancing, stomping and rapping in addition to the 18 dances the dance team will feature.

General admission for the showcase is $8 and with a student ID it is $5.

















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