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Lewis Link project underway

Updates on myDU’s campus news will be posted with times of inconveniences. Credit: Kelly Butler

By: Kelly Butler, Staff Reporter

Anyone who has been on campus in the past two weeks has most likely heard the construction happening on the back side of the Lewis Link. According to Amy McCormack, senior vice president for administration of business affairs, once the Lewis Link construction is complete, the addition will be three stories tall and mechanical space in the basement for air conditioning units. Construction began March 7 and is expected to continue until the beginning of August.

“So far, construction is on schedule,” McCormack says. “The addition should be up and running for the fall semester.”

The addition will have three floors that expand the academic administrative space available in the university. The first floor of the addition will be an expansion of the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences (RCAS). The Academic Advising offices, which are currently located in the Lewis Annex, will be moved into the new RCAS office space. There will also be additional workspace and a conference room, as well as a new assistant dean’s office.

The second floor will become the new Butler Children’s Literature Center. The current literature center dually serves as a classroom and is located on the third floor of the Crown Library. The new Butler Children’s Literature Center will have an office and research area in addition to a classroom

The third floor will be used to consolidate the offices for the Graduate School of Library Information & Science (GSLIS). The GSLIS offi ces are currently in two separate areas, but with the addition, they can be located in one area and the administrative services will be able to expand.

Students, such as junior Haley Leboulanger and sophomore Candice Andersen, have mixed feelings about the construction happening on the Lewis Link.

According to Leboulanger and Andersen, the reason for the addition is good, but there is a negative impact on classes.
“I think it’s a fine project for Dominican,” Leboulanger said. “The only thing I find questionable is that the construction is undergone
during the school year.”

Both Anderson’s and Leboulanger’s classes have been impacted by the construction.

Leboulanger said that her English class was in the computer lab on the second floor of the library but the construction has forced the
class to move to a new location.

“We were without computer access for a number of weeks and we needed it for our composition class,” Leboulanger said. “Just this
past Tuesday, though, our professor was able to move us to a computer lab on the fourth floor of Parmer.”

Andersen is also affected by the construction on the Lewis Link. The noise makes it hard for her to hear class lessons.
“I guess they have to work on the link during class but it’s obnoxious and loud,” Andersen says.

Although the noise is distracting, Andersen says she understands that her classes are also during work hours for construction.


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