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Noteworthy Spring Concert missed out by many

Sean Newman conducting his second concert at Dominican. Credit: Sean Newman

By: Mary Stroka, Copy Editor

A semester with rehearsals once or even twice each week culminated in a performance by Noteworthy Choir, a singing group at Dominican, March 28. Conductor and music educator Sean Newman led the group in an experience too many Dominican students missed.

Newman said the group rehearsed once or twice each week from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Freshman Anne Glaza said the choir worked on music for this concert all semester. Despite the turnout, her involvement in the group is what matters to her.
“It was great; I love singing in a group like this,” Glaza said.

Newman is a music education major at Concordia University with an anticipated graduation at the end of the Fall 2012 semester. He said he would then be certified to teach kindergarten through eighth grade music education.

“I wouldn’t want to do anything else besides be a music teacher,” Newman said.

Newman said he saw a flyer at Concordia University for a music director for Dominican’s student-led choir, and since he had directed his church’s choir since he was 17, he figured he would apply.

When he was being interviewed for the position, the interviewer asked him if he would be able to start the ball rolling on a more extensive music program at the university. Newman said he is trying to push for one, but he is not concerned about any kind of music bachelor or master degree programs.

“Music ensembles, interest in music, and student participation are all building blocks of eventually creating a music program offering bachelor and master degrees, but only if there is support by the university and the administration,” Newman said. “This would start by expanding Noteworthy to become something much bigger than it is.”

He says his biggest goal is to get input from the university’s administration, which he says he hasn’t gotten yet.

Senior Raquel has been in Noteworthy Choir for four years and has been president of the group for the past two years.

“Sean’s really improved the sound quality of the choir,” Robles said. “I’ve really enjoyed seeing the group grow and transform, and I know the group is in good hands.”

Robles said she wishes more students had come.

“Maybe Noteworthy should have more events throughout the year,” she said.


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