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Opposing Viewpoints: University of Chicago student launches casual sex Web site, UChicagoHookupsDePaul

The site’s number of users has increased exponentially since the site’s birth in February; the hook-up site expanded to other area institutes. Credit:


Socializing with sex isn’t hurting anyone

By: Dominic Schwab, Staff Reporter

In early February of this year, a Web site was launched with a simple, modest goal: to prove that college students at the University of Chicago had just as much fun as students everywhere else. And their fun, it just so happens, comes in the form of sexual satisfaction.

The Web site’s goal is to bring college-aged individuals together for the purpose of pursuing sexual pleasure. On the “about the site” page, describes itself as the place “where fun comes to thrive.” The site also goes on to state, “eduHookups was, is, and always will be targeted towards students that believe working hard and having fun are not
mutually exclusive.”
Clearly the creators of the site believe college students today simply do not have the time to meet new people who may also desire sexual relations. They hope, therefore, that their site can bring together people who otherwise might miss out on an aspect of collegiate fun.

The Web site, originally an idea called UChicago Hookups, was created to serve undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. Due to growing popularity, the Web site expanded to allow other students at other colleges and universities to find sexual partners, whether casual or a little more serious. Some colleges and universities are local, such as Northwestern University and Columbia College, as well asDePaul and Loyola Universities, both of which are Catholic institutions. In total, the Web site serves eight different institutions.

It would seem that the news of this Web site is scandalizing. After all, many people assume that college is where one goes in order to develop and grow as an intelligent human being. Students should focus on their research and scholarship instead of seeking carnal pleasures.
But those who hold this opinion forget that there are various mental and intellectual faculties. One faculty is, of course, academic in nature, the knowledge gained through studying the arts and humanities. Another faculty is social in nature, whereby one learns proper interaction with peers, friends, faculty and staff in order to communicate effectively in the “the real world.”

There are other social faculties, and the sexual faculty is one of them. As the rumors go, college is the place where young, horny individuals come together and, often away from home for the first time, seek sex with their peers. So a Web site whose sole purpose is to cater to the sexual development of young individuals is, I think, a good Web Site.

And, of course, there is the argument that such behavior could lead to the continual spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but predicted this protest. The Web site provides a “Safety” page advocating the importance of practicing safe sex at all times. Now, whether or not people heed this warning is an entirely different matter based on the lack of common sense found in today’s youth. The point remains that students should have an easy, convenient way to meet someone special for a night of fun be it for a few drinks or a more intimate encounter.


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