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Opposing Viewpoints: University of Chicago student launches casual sex Web site, UChicagoHookupsDePaul is not enough to make UC seem “fun”

By: Anna Anguiano, Staff Reporter

“And finally, I don’t really care whether you’re discreet, but you should at least know how to spell it,” reads one of the posts of, a Web site finding mostly casual sex encounters for university students. University of Chicago undergraduate students created this Web site Feb. 8. On this Web site, students can pick from casual, serious or platonic relationship tabs in which they post specifically what they are looking for and other students have the opportunity to reply if they are interested.

The Web site claimed on March 28 to have around 800 users and 2,000 private messages among them. According to the creator, the Web site was created to break the stereotype that UC is “where fun comes to die.” It seems to just confirm that students are losing their ability to really interact with each other. A Web site like this one doesn’t just trivialize sex with strangers, it also undermines the ability for young people to meet others without hiding behind a computer screen.

University students should be intelligent enough to find their own relationship partners, or even sex buddies if they want, within the real social world. In addition, they should be smart enough to know that encounters with people who they only know through an online chat are dangerous. Yet, this Web site seems to prove otherwise.

The makers and users of are forgetting that college students face enough dangers outside in the real world such as alcohol poisoning and violence. Why add another way in which they can endanger their lives? The Web site has a safety disclaimer that tells students to use protection and where they can get it, but it doesn’t tell them where to go if they get raped and doesn’t tell them how to call for school security in case the encounter isn’t what they expected.

In the end, let’s suppose that these dangers don’t exist and that this Web site was bringing “fun” back to UC by arranging casual sex. There is still a slight problem. Talking to somebody online, telling them your needs, and arranging the time and place to meet is not so random after all. Making a Web site to prove that UC isn’t sex deprived is a contradiction in itself. If they want to have random sexual encounters without strings attached, wouldn’t it be easier to go to one of those alcohol-filled parties where casual sex is the norm? This wouldn’t be a good course of action either, but they might as well learn how to interact with others while they
are at it.


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