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Colapietro is the ‘life of the team’

Marco Colapietro from Norridge, Ill. sets up to hit a two-handed back hand shot in a match at University of Dubuqe in Dubuque, Iowa. Credit: Alex Dee amd Efrain Rodriquez

By: Nicole Foley, Contributing Reporter

It wasn’t always his greatest passion, but after learning the techniques of tennis his junior year of high school, Marco Colapietro knew he loved the sport.

Colapietro, a junior, has been playing tennis all three years he has attended Dominican. Although he didn’t play tennis for his high school team, he has caught on quickly.

“I have made it to the championship round in the NAC conference tournament both my freshman and sophomore year,” Colapietro said.

Colapietro’s coach, Sam Hargraves, notices his dedication. Hargraves, who just began coaching the team this past fall, says that Colapietro has improved throughout the season and has showed great leadership for the team.

“Marco is a very competitive player,” Hargraves said. “He always gives his best effort court and never gives up during a match. He is also very consistent playing to his strengths, which allows him to compete with and beat players who seem to be more talented skill-wise than he is.”

Once the season starts, practices will go from either 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. or 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. They consist of drills and matches to perfect the team’s skills.

Kevin Amarantos, a freshman teammate, acknowledges Colapietro’s hard work and dedication to the sport.

“Marco is definitely the life of the team,” Amarantos said. “He is always cracking jokes, making us laugh and keeping us pumped, even in tough match situations. He is very committed to bettering the team and keeping us calm.”
Colapietro has put his heart and soul into the sport, but according to him, there is more to tennis than just playing.
“Dominican’s tennis team is by far the best athletic program I have ever been on because I love the sport and I love the guys I play with.” Colapietro said. “I used to play soccer in high school, but it doesn’t even compare to the relationships I have developed with DU’s tennis team.”
Dominican’s men’s tennis team is scheduled to play Marian University and Edgewood College on April 23.


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