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Letter from the Editors: The perks and pitfalls of working on the newspaper

The Dominican Star staff working tiredly on the last issue in the Mac Lab on the fourth floor of Lewis Hall. Credit: Samantha Sanchez DOMINICAN STAR

By: Kaitlin Kimont, Angela Romano and Samantha Sanchez

Dear students, faculty/staff and Dominican community,

This will be our last editorial so we would like to take the chance to reflect on our year spent as the editors-in-chief of the Dominican Star.

First, we would like the opportunity to vent a bit. There is no argument, being an editor of a student newspaper is a tough job. Our biggest pet peeve by far: No pay. Considering the fact that this position takes the time of part-time job and newspaper production every other Saturday is easily a 12-hour day.

If that isn’t frustrating enough, as the editors we are also the bosses of everyone.  There have been many times that deadlines weren’t met and articles and photos were never turned in. As a result, we sometimes had to resort to panicking phone calls and mean emails. Some might even considering our panicking as harassment.

After tirelessly editing and over-thinking design, there always seems to be a mistake that found its way in the paper. The aftermath of a typo is something that we never want to encounter again.

In the midst of all that, however, we found ways to cope with the stress and look on the bright side of things.

By default, we now know inDesign like the back of our hands and have become much more comfortable with the editing process.

As the editors, we are given access to the newsroom, which we turned into our own little “bat cave” for down-time naps, rushed lunches and impromptu YouTube cat video marathons.

Being the leaders really helped us learn skills that will be useful when we are out in the real world, like being bitterly angry and older than our years.

All joking aside, we now know that we have managerial experience and the ability to work under pressure. There have been times when we believed we wouldn’t be able to publish an issue due to unforeseen setbacks, but we managed to make it work every time.

As journalists we enjoyed the responsibility of being the student voice. Although Dominican has a religious affiliation and is a private school, we had a lot of freedom to public controversial news. For instance, we didn’t receive any flack for printing a story about child pornography on the front page or the first-hand account about “vodka-eyeballing.”

A major perk we were able to experience this year was a trip to New York City for the Spring Media Convention. Because of our time spent on the paper, we proved that we deserved a grant to support our trip there. For many of us, it was our first time there and it was truly a memorable time.

Even though the stress got to us, we are the first set of editors to stay for two consecutive semesters in the history of the Dominican Star; we found this to be a great accomplishment.

The biggest thing we learned this year is that they need to move the foosball table out into the quad because it’s mad distracting during our snacking and YouTube cat video time.

Overall, it’s been a fun and interesting year on the paper. We wish the best of the luck to the editors next year and hope they have the courage to stick it out for the whole year.

Thank you to all who read and supported the Dominican Star this year; it’s been a pleasure.


Kaitlin Kimont, Angela Romano and Samantha Sanchez


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