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Line up Cubs fans, Sox fans take a backseatgames

Student involvement gives Sox fans the cold shoulder by only selling Cubs tickets. Credit:MorgueFile

By: Hilliary Smith, Contributing Reporter

Charles Honeywood was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago appreciating the White Sox. During his childhood, his grandfather tried raising him a Cubs fan, but it did not stick.
Major League Baseball fans anxiously waited for home openers the first week of April as Student Involvement prepares for baseball spring ticket sales.
Sox fans, don’t get too excited. According to Director of Student Involvement Cari Cook, Dominican won’t be selling any White Sox tickets this spring.
Honeywood thinks it is unfair to only have Cubs tickets this spring.
“The Sox actually win. Not to knock the Cubs, but we’ve won a World Series in the last 100 years,” he said.

Dominican does not have access to Sox tickets this spring because it takes more money.
“At the end of the year there isn’t much left in the budget,” Cook said. Sox tickets are not as popular as Cubs tickets to the Dominican community, she added.
However, Honeywood and others would disagree. “U.S. Cellular is newer than Wrigley; it’s more updated and Wrigley is old school,” Honeywood said.
Freshman Dan Frachello has been to several White Sox games. “I’d really like to buy tickets. I’m disappointed,” he said. “The atmosphere is good. People are really friendly and there’s good food.”
Yet, Student Involvement expects to sell all 100 Cubs tickets this April to students.
Student Involvement wants to offer a cultural experience to students otherwise not available to them, because of this “Dominican takes a loss on every ticket sold,” Cook said.

Cubs tickets always sell really well.

“It’s more of a privilege because of the discounted ticket price,” she said.
Students really take advantage of the discounted tickets, Cook said. Senior Carlos Rojas wears his flat bill navy Cubs hat religiously. He and his friends are big Cubs fans he said.

“A group of nine of us got tickets to a game through Dominican last spring,” Rojas said. “I plan on getting tickets again.”
The tickets Student Involvement sells are not premium seats at Wrigley Field. They are only $5 and seats are usually in the Terrace Reserve section.

This seating gives flexibility to students so they can walk around the ballpark and explore.

“Different games and different teams have a different appeal to students,” Cook said. Usually though, Cubs tickets are a fast pick for Dominican students.
The line of students waiting for Cubs tickets has extended past the Residence Life offices and the Wellness Center in the past, Student Involvement Resource Center worker Evelyn Macedo said.

“We open at 9 and around 8:30 people will already be lined up outside,” she said.
Like this year, Student Involvement plans to sell sporting event tickets to the Bulls, the Blackhawks, the Cubs and the White Sox games next fall and spring.
Flyers, banners, alerts on the MyDU page, Campus News page and Student Involvement’s Facebook page will advertise the Cubs ticket sales.
“These tickets will sell out in one day,” Cook says. Tickets go on sale April 25 for the May 13 game against the San Francisco Giants.
The Cubs tickets are the SIRC’s “biggest sale of the year for sporting events,” Macedo said.


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