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Letter From the Editors: What We Wish We Knew As Freshmen

Seeing as this is our first issue as co-editors-in-chief, we thought we’d share some precious tidbits with some other newbies at Dominican: freshman students. We’ve compiled a list of the top pieces of advice we wish we’d gotten as new students on campus.

First things first, set your priorities straight. Once the rush of being in a new environment wears off, you realize that you’re left with piles and piles of homework. Don’t let new friends and social events get in the way of the number one thing you’re supposed to be doing at school: learning.  Keep up with your work on a daily basis to avoid the fate of all procrastinators: extra stress and bad grades.

It’s also important to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. In particular, save your absences. You never know if there will be an emergency; if you waste all your absences on skipping class to go get frozen yogurt, you won’t have the absences left for the times when you really need them, such as times of sickness or family emergencies. Trust us, you never know when things will come up.

A big thing that’s easy to forget during your first year of college: staying healthy. By that we mean eating healthfully, working out and avoiding alcohol or other drugs. Without good health, it will be hard to focus on school, making friends and balancing new responsibilities.

When it comes to going out, be wary if you’re planning on buying or using a fake ID. It is illegal to possess or use a fake form of identification. You can easily get into legal trouble if you are caught using one; we don’t recommend taking that risk just to get into a bar that you can go to every night once you’re of age.

Don’t be fooled by the “friend rush.” A lot of new students feel that the friends you make in the first few weeks of school are the ones you’ll be sticking with forever. Not true! New classes and joining groups will expose you to new friends constantly. Keep an open mind and you can make new friends throughout all four years of school.

Which leads to another tip: you don’t have to be best friends with your roommate. Living with a stranger can be difficult. Not getting along with a roommate is unfortunate, but it’s a common occurrence. You can’t expect to be best friends with everyone at school, so don’t take it personally if things don’t work out.

One of the biggest things freshman worry about is being undecided when it comes to choosing a major. It’s okay to not know what you want to study. The whole point of going to college is to figure out what you like and want to do. Joining clubs and meeting new people is what leads you on the path towards one day deciding on a major. Also, keep in mind that most students change their major two or three times throughout their time on campus.

Also, be careful with what you post online. Pictures, tweets, wall posts and more, even if blocked by privacy settings are still online and are still available to be seen by others. Don’t put up things you wouldn’t want your parents, professors or other students to judge you by.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. College flies by so quickly. We can’t believe that we’re already starting our senior year at Dominican. So make it your goal to enjoy your time here on campus – we know we have!

-Kate & Mary

Feel free to e-mail us at with any comments, questions or concerns.


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