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Isolated Act of Vandalism at Parmer Hall

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Courtesy of Julia Grama

River Forest Police are investigating two shattered windows in the atrium of Parmer Hall, which they attribute to bullet holes. Campus Security contacted police at 6 a.m., Sunday, Sept. 4, after discovering the holes during the routine overnight security round.

Police found three bullets by the Parmer Atrium; two were on the ground and one was in a nearby tree. The security camera tape police reviewed shows that a car drove in from Division Street with headlights off. Police were not able to identify the license plate number since it was still dark. The car then drove north and around the corner by Parmer Hall. The vehicle paused for about 40 seconds, which is when the shots might have been fired, according to Dean of Students Trudi Goggin.

Goggin said residents of the River Forest Community living on Greenview Avenue might have been able to hear the gunshots being fired, but no one came to campus security or River Forest police to make a report.

Classes resumed in Parmer on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Police officials have stated they believe there is not any current imminent danger to the Dominican community. However, there will be an increased police presence on campus, according to River Forest Deputy Chief Craig Rutz.

“Dominican University is one of the hotspots; police officers pay more attention to this area,” Rutz said. “Although not a lot of attention is needed as this was not a targeted attack, we’re increasing police presence as a deterrent to further crime. Protection is maintained through visibility of police.”

Goggin said it is important that the Dominican community understands that the damage resulting from the shooting is low.

“No one got shot, no one died. It was an isolated act of vandalism,” she said. “We have to choose our words carefully when we talk about this crime so we don’t make this in to a bigger thing then it needs to be, or scare any people.”

Students seem calm about the incident, despite the initial shock it created.

“I’m not really scared. I know that this was an isolated case. I still feel safe on campus, but, at first when my mom found out about this crime she was worried,” sophomore Christine Nguyen said. “But, I told her Dominican University was doing a good job keeping me and other students safe.”

The vandalism caused damages amounting to approximately $2,000, according to Rutz.


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