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No longer do students have to agonize over the sounds of construction while attending classes in Lewis Hall or the Rebecca Crown


Library because the long-awaited library link renovation is complete. Jeffrey Carlson, dean of Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, and the student advising staff have moved into expanded quarters that allow all the staff to be closer together.

“It was necessary because the entire Rosary College of Arts and Sciences office needs to be together to serve the students better…with half of our office in the annex and the other half in the library link, we could not serve the students sufficiently,” Sr. Melissa Waters, associate academic dean for advising, said.

The new suite is spacious and bright, featuring a welcome area, a conference room, a space for student workers, and numerous new offices. “I can see everyone that I need to see at one time without having to travel between the library link and the annex,” senior Candace Haywood said.

The walls are decorated with the Dean’s selections of student artwork from past years’ art shows. Though the construction of the office is complete, the lawn outside of the new addition is still being developed. Although the larger space and consolidation of the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences staff will be helpful to staff members in everyday work, Waters said, “The main idea of this addition is the service to the students.”

Quiana Miller, Staff Reporter


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