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Cornell Graduate Creates Mobile Application That Helps Students Save

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That piece of plastic in your wallet, the one with horrible freshman year photo on it: I’m taking about student IDs. Besides showing off your worst hair day, Dominican student ID’s are actually of some use. Thanks to SGA, students are eligible to save on more than 185 different restaurants, spas, and clothing stores all throughout Chicago.

While the program is not brand-new, what is new is its complementing iPhone and Android application names Vidappe. This is an app that will alert students to discounts you can use in real-time. Get close to a discount and get an alert on your phone, describing how much you can save and where.

In order to use the app, it must be downloaded at the Apple of Android store, followed by a subscription to the Dominican University program. Once registered, phone alerts will pop up when you’re near a student discount hotspot.

The app doesn’t just store the discounts for Dominican University, but for 170+ other organizations around the nation. Meaning your friends at other Chicagoland universities can enjoy discounts under their school’s program.

Star Li, a recent Cornell University graduate, started Vidappe. Li realized that many of her fellow students were missing out on discounts, just because they weren’t aware of their existence. Li designed the mobile app as a way to help students keep their stomachs and pockets full.

Katherine Kulpa, Editor-in-Chief


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  1. Thanks for mentioning Vidappe in the Dominican Star, Kate! I hope students enjoy having this app remind them to save around Chicago. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me anytime at


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