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The Friendliest Person on Campus

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Everybody knows someone they would consider the friendliest person in their life. At Dominican, the person who fits the description is Spencer Campbell, senior and Eco Club co-president, as well as student choice for the second annual Mr. Dominican Pageant back in 2009.

Bryan Spencer Campbell was born on Jan. 2, 1990 to parents Lawrence and Gayle Campbell, a Dominican alumna. He was born and raised in Homewood, Ill., and grew up with his older brother, Jon.  He attended Catholic school until high school.

As a child, he enjoyed playing baseball with the kids in his neighborhood and hanging out at the nature preserve near his home.

“I could see nature, natural beauty, and appreciate it,” Campbell said.

However, when he got older, he witnessed buildings and factories being built next to the nature preserve. This eventually led him to become an advocate for the environment and sustainability.

“Businesses came into the area preserve and I said to myself ‘If I don’t take a stand, natural areas will continue to be demolished,’” said Campbell.

When applying for college, his visit to Dominican was an experience to remember. After visiting, he instantly fell in love with the place because everyone was smiling and very friendly. As he began freshman year, Campbell had the ambition to meet everybody, starting with bingo night.

“On our first meeting, he was a happy-go-lucky kid,” says Dominic Schwab, Dominican 2011 graduate and friend, “We took the time to get to know each other. He’s likeable and active in the community.”

At Dominican, Campbell is currently the co-president of eco-club and went to Washington D.C for a conference about environmental and sustainability issues. He is also a captain for Team Kiva, a leader of facilitating meditation groups every Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, a member of the choir, and is set to lead University Ministry’s Fall Immersion break in Iowa to teach people about healthy food’s role in contribution to healthier communities.

As a student, Campbell is a great contributor to in-class discussions on various topics.

“He loves many aspects of life,” Director of Service Learning, Madonna Thelen, “He loves ecology, people, science, psychology. He’s very interested in many aspects of life.”

Campbell has been dedicated to promoting sustainable living and an eco-friendly planet. After graduation, he plans to travel abroad to experience other cultures and help people in developing countries to live in a green community. One day, he would like to buy a plot of land and educate people on environmental issues.

“I hope I have made a difference at Dominican,” Campbell said.  “I know Dominican has changed me and has helped me find myself.”

Jenna Ramiro, Staff Reporter


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