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Q & A with OLA: Organization of Latin Americans

Public relations officer for OLA, Annais Diaz, talks to us about one of Dominican’s biggest student organizations.

 Q: For students who don’t know, what is OLA about?

A: We are an organization of students dedicated to creating an environment where students of all ethnicities can unite to better understand the Latino culture. We aim to bring awareness to issue that Latinos face both in our own communities and in Latin America. We hope to foster an environment where we can all come together to rejoice, laugh, and have a good time while at the same time we work to build a better community both here at Dominican University and beyond. We are the next generation of Latino leaders and OLA is here to bring forth those future leaders by acknowledging, encouraging, and further developing the leadership qualities of all our members.

 Q: What are OLA’s plans for this year?

A: This year we are planning to have some fun events for the whole school to get involved such as a Dodgeball tournament. We are also hoping to collaborate with some other school organizations on campus. We really want to connect with others. This year we hope to raise more awareness of Diabetes since it is very prominent within Hispanics. And finally, we are hoping to get involved with Marisela Ortiz’s movement in helping out the children of the women of Ciudad Juarez.

 Q: How is OLA celebrating Hispanic Heritage month?

A: We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with our annual Hispanic Heritage Reception. At this event we celebrate by inviting all previous alumni and we allow them to network with current undergrad students.

 Q: What are events are you looking forward to most?

A: I absolutely love the Hispanic Heritage Reception because it recognizes an individual (Dominican Alumni) for their contributions to a more just society. I also like the Welcome Picnic at the beginning of the year because it brings a lot of students

 Q: What makes OLA different from all of the other clubs on campus?

A: In reality, I feel that every organization has something unique to bring to the table. OLA is a great organization to be a part of if you are interested in learning more about the Latino culture and also a great club to join if you would like to meet new people.

 Q: Why should students join OLA?

A: Students should join OLA because this organization aims to do well and have fun all at the same time.

 Q: Why are you a part of OLA?

A: I am a part of OLA because I really enjoy meeting new people. I also like the fact that even as a member I was given opportunities to help out officers in completing their tasks. It’s a great environment.

Q: What should we expect from OLA this year?

A: Be on the lookout for any event we post up. There are a couple cultural events coming up soon. As for the future of OLA we can only hope that OLA will go up, seeing that we are a pretty big organization

– Katherine Kulpa, EIC


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