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Elizabeth Dunn Gets Things ‘Done’ As Student Trustee

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Courtesy of Elizabeth Dunn

Elizabeth Dunn is a bank of information. Dunn is the new student trustee on the board of trustees this academic year. As student trustee, she is a full member of the board; the same applies to the faculty trustee. She speaks on behalf of every student at Dominican, undergraduate and graduate combined. Dunn brings a familiar face to a group of mostly unfamiliar names.

As a senior, Dunn will graduate with a degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and management, and corporate communications. She is also the president of the Resident Student Association. This may seem overwhelming to some, but all of this experience made Dunn a great candidate for student trustee; so much so that the Student Government Association elected her for the position, a decision that was later approved by the board of trustees.

A resident student throughout her years at Dominican, Dunn wanted a new experience. “I wanted to be the student trustee because I wanted to learn more about Dominican from a different angle,” Dunn stated.

Being the only young adult among such prestigious older adults would be nerve-racking for any student, but Dunn accepted the challenge. “I think the biggest obstacle of being on a board is the age difference,” she said. “However, the board is very interested in what a student perspective is.”

So who are these board members? “They are genuinely nice people who really care, who are really invested in what’s good for Dominican University. They are not judgmental, very encouraging, they really do listen to what students say,” President Donna Carroll stated. The board members are Carroll’s colleagues as well as her bosses; they make the major decisions regarding all aspects of Dominican with the integrity of the institution in mind.  Many of the board members graduated from Dominican themselves, with both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

With graduation in mind, Dunn looks to the future. “After graduation, I am looking into different graduate programs in communications or finding a steady job in a corporation where I can grow,” Dunn stated. After she graduates, a new student trustee will be elected as the seat has a one-year term.

In the meantime, Dunn spends her days as any other student. Originally from Morton Ill., she hangs out with friends from school as well as from her hometown. Her parents encouraged her and her two siblings to do what they love. Leading by example, Dunn helps resident students as well as board members. “I’m there to help them understand students,” she stated.

Olivia Antosz, Contributing Writer


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