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Letter to the editors

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Dear Editors,

I was horrified to return to classes only to find Dominican’s grass field has been obliterated, and artificial turf in its place.

As a former soccer player (not for DU), I know very well the yuck factor of playing on mud, and considering the amount of rain we’ve had this year, your teams have shared my feelings.  That does not mean the best (or only) alternative was fake grass.

Synthetic turf, as it weathers and ages, is a health hazard.  It leaches chemicals into the ground water, and will be inhaled by athletes abrading it in their running all over the field.   The fields that most teams buy have lead to brighten the team logo and the artificial grass color.  Are there plans to check lead levels regularly?  Even without lead they contain toxins associated with learning disabilities, asthma, and cancer.

This was a poorly thought out decision, if indeed any investigation into the potential adverse health effects was even mentioned beforehand.

Beyond that, it is tragic to think this phoniness blends in any way with Dominican’s formerly uniformly beautiful landscapes.

Maja Ramierez, Reader


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