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Courtesy of Lauren Kasprzyk

Staff reporter Lauren Kasprzyk asks DU students Julie and Alicia about their style.

Q: Describe your style. How are your styles similar and how are they different?

Julie: My style is a mix of things that are comfortable and things that that I haven’t seen much. Our styles overlap, but I feel like Alicia likes more light-colored and frilly clothes while I prefer darks and prints.

Alicia: I love seeing different trends come up, but adding my own touch. We definitely like a lot of the same styles, but Julie has a more edgy look whereas I love lighter colors and fabrics. I like mixing edgy, vintage, and girly.

Q: What are your favorite stores to shop at? Do you have any advice for saving money on cute clothes?

Julie: I love thrift stores, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. The best thing to go by is to not buy anything you like just because you like it; make sure it’s something that you’ll wear over and over and get your money’s worth!

Alicia: I like to shop at Forever 21, Asos, Topshop, and Target. A lot of online stores will have great deals. is my go-to store for cute shoes for a really decent price.

Q: Since you’re roommates, do you ever borrow each other’s clothes?

Julie: Not yet, but I’m sure we’ll start soon!

Alicia: Not yet, we still have to coordinate outfits.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of clothing or accessory?

Julie: My leopard-print romper. I feel that it definitely fits my style and looks good. It’s too bad that I can only wear it when it’s warm out!

Alicia: I love my black high-waist miniskirt because it pretty much goes with everything and anything, but I have so many other favorites.

Q: Who’s your celebrity icon?

Julie: I would have to say Rihanna- she has so many different styles and always makes it look good.

Alicia: It’s a tie between Lauren Conrad and Emma Watson, but I love to mix it up.

Q: You guys both attended the Akira fashion show (Akira is a local, Chicago-based fashion brand). What was that like?

Julie: It was a great time. It was interesting to see what people wear and all of Akira’s new clothes.

Alicia: It was so much fun! I loved the experience of going and seeing the outfits and what a fashion show was all about. The outfits people wore were amazing! Everyone was definitely putting forth their best fashion.

Lauren Kasprzyk, Staff Writer


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