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SGA’s Town Hall meeting

Student Government Association hosted a town hall meeting tonight at 5:15 p.m. in the Social Hall to help students get their concerns about the university addressed.

Dan Bulow, Donna Carroll, Trudi Goggin, Deb Kash, Cyrus Grant, Joel Nayder, Grace Whiting, Kim Nickelberry, Katie Kramer, Amy McCormack, Jill Albin-Hill and Rob Babcock were the administrators who participated in the panel.

Here are some of the questions that were raised and a summary of the answers:

Expansion of the Dining Hall?

Expansion of the Dining Hall is a project that should be completed within a year or two years. Donna Carroll said the major problem right now with renovating the area is raising money. $6.5 million dollars, she said, is the proposed budget.

Expansion of bicycle racks?

Main campus’s bike racks don’t seem to be full. There are bike racks in the garage as well that don’t seem to ever be full. – Dan Bulow

40 empty beds in residence halls?

“Students realized they could save money through commuting,” Trudi Goggin said. “But we would really welcome your feedback.”

Physical plant to come out with a student survey so they can more easily provide feedback on what conditions of residence halls are, Dan Bulow said.

Not a good idea to put ELS students in residence halls because ELS students shift every four weeks. Resident students taking the room would provide more revenue and make more sense. – Rob Babcock

Trudi Goggin – It might be awkward and challenging for students that would potentially be rooming around international students because the international students would be moving out every four weeks.

Some clubs are showing discrimination based on age, body type, race – what can Student Involvement do?

Students who are experiencing that should come to the Student Involvement office to report such occurrences. We don’t have a presence at every event, but we would want to follow up with any of those issues. – Assistant Director of Student Involvement Katie Kramer

Why are artists on campus geared towards alumni?

Numbers with Crystal Bowersox, who we think of as a contemporary artist, were still low. We’ve been experimenting with who to bring on campus, but we don’t have a large student body to guarantee good turnout. But we are willing to consider suggestions from students. – Amy McCormack

Any recycling initiatives for Cyber Cafe items – particularly pizza boxes?

We have to work with our waste management company. We need to work on showing students how to recycle properly. – Deb Kash

Bagless Saturdays will start next weekend. Please feel free to say “I don’t need a bag.”

Why do we still have paper towels if we’re trying to be a sustainable campus?

Paper towels are still pretty green and don’t spread germs like the air dryers do. Air dryers also need to be maintained a lot more than paper towels. – Dan Bulow

What do you expect of students and student organizations?

Student input is incredibly important. – Amy McCormack

Please ask questions and know that if you need information, you should ask questions. Your voice does count. – Deb Kash

We’d like to do focus groups with students. I’m hoping that by next spring, we will have a series of recommendations…so that we have a comprehensive view of what needs to be done, Donna Carroll said. “It’s not that we can’t do anything, but we need to make choices and ensure that your tuition dollars are invested responsibly.”

Beth Dunn, student trustee, and Sara Vicente, president of SGA, helped facilitate the meeting.

About 25 students attended the panel discussion; this number includes members of SGA.

Acoustics in the Social Hall and the noise from the Dining Hall made it somewhat hard to hear speakers.

What questions not included in tonight’s discussion would you still like answered or would like an expanded answer? Please post them here or email us and we will contact the appropriate people.


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