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NBA continues lock out

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Someone please find the key. The NBA has continued the lock out and has officially canceled all games remaining in November. At the time this article is being written, the Chicago Bulls would have actually been having their home opener at the United Center. The failed attempt for a new collective-bargaining agreement has reached a tense point and makes the future of the NBA this season look doubtful.

The lockout is affecting many people, as fans like myself are hurt since we have no basketball to watch. At first it did not seem too bad to miss some preseason games and the preseason hype, but when the first game of the season didn’t come around – well, it stung.

The lockout has not only unemployed most players, but stadium workers as well. Those who clean or sell food at the stadium and other employees are out of work and have no means of receiving a paycheck. The lockout has also made the players find other hobbies to keep them busy during the work stoppage. At the beginning of the lockout we saw NBA players lend their talents to recreation leagues and make some very entertaining YouTube videos of highlights of them dropping over 40 points a game.

Other players picked up comedy doing sketches online about the lockout and other things, for example rising star Blake Griffin did an “internship” at which has been very entertaining for many. A handful of players signed temporary contracts in other countries in order to have an income and to also continue playing basketball. All of these things the players are doing do not change the fact that the player’s union and the league are still at a stand-still in terms of getting the season back.

The talks between the two have gotten so frustrating for players that they are threatening to decertify the union. If this happens, it would be a huge legal step and could potentially jeopardize the rest of the season. If the union is decertified the players can sue the NBA under antitrust laws, which could take months and add to the risk of losing the season. Talks of reaching a new collective-bargaining agreement have been attempted various times, with the next attempt to be made by players, the union and owners Wednesday, Nov. 9. Hopefully an agreement can be made so that the teams can come back into action.

Rene Howard-Paez, Staff Writer


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