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What outfit did you pick for today?
Danielle: The dress is made by Prairie Underground, an American company that uses organic cotton. Also, Grey Memoi tights with thigh high socks, hunter boots and a fair-trade Indonesian scarf.


Alex: I’m wearing a DJ scratcher icon graphic tee, fitted jeans and high-top sneakers along with a leather jacket.

Why did you choose this outfit?
Danielle: Well, for one, it was really cold outside but I still wanted to wear a dress. This dress had sleeves and the cotton is thicker so it kept me warm. It was raining out so that’s why I was wearing hunters and it was just an all-around ugly day outside so I wanted to wear something more “cheery.”
Alex: I chose this outfit today for comfort and for the trendy look of this leather jacket.

Describe your overall style.
Danielle: I do not really think I have a distinct style because I wear something based on how I feel that day, but in general I would say eclectic, bohemian or retro.
Alex: Choosing this outfit depicts not just the style I prefer but the type of personality I have. This hip-hop and urban influence with a hint of retro shows the confident and sociable side of me.
What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?
Danielle: I find myself shopping at a lot more thrift stores that have one-of-a-kind items. Urban Outfitters, Free People and Von Maur have great sales racks. Also, I search my aunt’s closet for hand-me-downs.
Alex: Favorite stores to shop are H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Uprize (a skateboarding shop).

What is your favorite item of clothing or accessory?
Danielle: It’s too hard to choose but if I could narrow it down it would be socks, tights and sweaters. They are like candy – you can never have too many of them.
Alex: My favorite item would be my shoes. I love sneakers! I’m a hip-hop dancer and shoes play an important role in the dance community, it shows the kind of attitude you give on stage!

Who or what influences your fashion choices?
Danielle: There is not a specific “who” that influences my fashion. But as I flip through magazines I am always drawn to outfits that are completely one color, mostly neutrals like grey, black and cream. I like doing this because it’s easy to get that chic look if I want to do a monochromatic outfit or to pair it with the unique colorful things I find in thrift stores.
Alex: Some influences are from runway shows, celebrities and even my peers. Keeping up with trends is a must or you would be left behind!

Any fashion or style tips you would like to offer?
Danielle: When buying clothes, try to buy something that you know you could make at least two or three outfits with something you already own, unless it is a special occasion item or a must-have.  But really just wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself. That’s the beauty of clothes; they make the real you shine through.
Alex:  Guys should have a jacket, duffel coat or pea coat in their closet for the winter and also a pair of leather boots with the side zip – still hot!

Jenna Ramiro, Staff Writer


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