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As the Christmas season settles in every year, there are a few wonderful aspects that make me truly feel the holiday spirit. Songs of Santa Claus mischief and the birth of Christ blaring on the radio, peppermint candy canes used as hot chocolate mixers and the typically ornate and sometimes silly Christmas cards that make their way into my families mailbox are my sturdy top three. While there is no lack of joyous tunes all around (93.9 The Lite turns into a Christmas station even before Thanksgiving), and I will never deny myself the sweet satisfaction of a Tina’s Special ‘Tis the Season cocoa, it seems that Christmas cards are slowly, but surely, fading away. When I was young, the weeks approaching Christmas contained heavily packed mailboxes, ours of which often overflowed with messages of a healthy New Year and updates about some great uncle’s most recent surgery (everybody loves the family report letters!) However, in the last few years, I’ve noticed our family intake of Christmas cards grew dim and the list of recipients of our own cards dwindled in response. While this unfortunate occurrence steals a little bit of my Christmas cheer, it does a better job of shining light on an even greater issue: The downfall of snail mail.

It can be said without dispute that the majority of our society no longer sends true “letters” to anyone; actual hand-written, sealed with love, “Hope you are well and please write back” letters. In a world of impersonal text messages, constant Facebook updates and sterile emails, the art of letter writing has seem to have fallen by the wayside along with stamp collecting and other “vintage activities.” The pastime of the college student writing home or to friends afar no longer exists; the thoughtful ,romantic pieces from lovers has faded. With technology on the rise, our traditional ways of communication have been replaced by means of quick responses as our minds and bodies grow more impatient with each new development made. While I’m all for the benefits that these communication staples hold, I have a growing concern for the loss of this truly beautiful hobby. As it is this Christmas season, I can’t help but wonder if my children will be emailing Santa, for efficiency sake.

Therefore, my wish for you all as this new year approaches is to rethink how you speak with those you love. By all means, don’t hold back on the funny text messages or Twitter replies, but allow yourself to take a moment of your day and to write to someone you feel would really appreciate it.  And, in return, I hope you can feel the satisfaction of knowing that someone out there will be doing the same for you.

After all, 44 cents can speak volumes and do the heart a world of good.

With well-wishes and words of joy,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Tina Cisarik, Staff Writer


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  1. Right. In spite of emailing a lot, we make a point of still writing Christmas Cards. We enjoy it and so do the receivers, and they look so nice hanging in the doorway.


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