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Call to action: save student aid

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Due to recent budget deals and budget cuts, $30 billion has already been cut from student aid in states all around the country. With 134, 233 supporters, the Save Student Aid movement is growing bigger by the day.  Students all over the country, like Candace Haywood, senior, are taking the time to sign an online petition in order to protect their future.

“Although I will be graduating next semester and school is almost done for me, I will be attending graduate school and hoping that I will have the funds to further my education. I not only signed that petition for myself, but for the many students to come after me,” said Haywood.

According to the Save Student Aid website, by the year of 2018 there will be 22 million jobs available for new workers with college degrees, but because of financial aid budget cuts, three million workers will miss the opportunity. These three million cannot afford to further their education because their resources have been limited. “Cuts to student aid will make college an unrealistic expense for some students. Jobs are hard enough to find with a degree; I cannot imagine what would happen if suddenly multitudes of students had to give up their college aspirations and join the thousands who are looking for work now,” said Dominican’s own Financial Aid Director, Marie von Ebers.

As far as Dominican University students are concerned, the financial aid office has come up with ways to make sure we get as much help as possible. The Office of Financial Aid encourages students to file their FAFSA as early as possible in order to meet deadlines, get involved with scholarship opportunities provided by the university, as well as attend the literacy programs provided to teach students how to budget their money.

“Most importantly, we are here to listen and assist in any way that we possibly can. Students who are struggling financially should not be afraid to come to the financial aid office so we can explore our options. In the end, it is our goal that all Dominican students graduate and go on to be successful alumni!”  von Ebers said. Be a part of the call to action and sign your name on the Save Student Aid petition today!

– Quiana Miller, Staff Writer


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