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Communication with a Purpose: Student Profile

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Courtesy of Dwaine Porter

Sophomore Dwaine Porter is involved in many on-campus activities. He serves as a student ambassador, torch leader, and treasurer for both the Resident Student Association and the Black Student Association. Overall, he is known as a people person and a talker.

“He is a bubbly person,” said Cody Koepke, senior and Resident Student Association president, “He is positive, kind, and interested in school.”

Dwaine Allen Porter was born on September 9, 1992 in Chicago. His father is a custodial engineer and his mother works in management. He also has an older brother, with whom he shares a close relationship.

“We are a group of loud and loving people,” said Porter about his family, “They’re my support system.”

Growing up, every day was full of adventure, and there was always something to do. Activities included going to the park, having barbeques and spending quality time with family.  Porter attended Lindblom Math and Science Academy, a small high school located in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.

“I was the kid in class everyone hated,” Porter says with a laugh, “I always asked and answered questions in class.”

During high school, he actively participated in clubs and activities such as student government and the prom committee. He served as president of the Chinese language club throughout his entire high school career and participated in band for three years. He plays saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, piano, and flute.

After graduating in a class of 80 seniors, Porter started attending Dominican University in Fall 2010. It’s a second home to him and knows almost everyone he sees on campus. So far, his most memorable moments at Dominican involve being with his friends.

“I feel energized with a group of people,” said Porter, “Things aren’t planned, and we decide to get together spontaneously.”

He is currently a double major in marketing and corporate communications, taking the five-year BA/MA program with a minor in psychology.

“I was interested in communications because I like talking and talking to people,” he said, “and marketing is another way to talk to people and know what they want, and psychology is interesting and will help me in the long-run about how people think.”

For anybody who doesn’t know Dwaine Porter, junior and Black Student Union president, Jennie Bell said, “He is super easy to talk to and he is always helpful. He is one of my closest friends.”

In the future, he hopes to be happy with everything he does and direct people on how to change their own lives.

As for a potential career, Porter would like to be involved in student affairs at a college or university and possibly giving people the information to make decisions on their own.

Jenna Ramiro, Staff Writer


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