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Cutler Sidelined with Thumb Injury

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The hopes of Bears fans throughout the nation took a serious hit on November 20 when it was revealed that Jay Cutler had suffered a serious fracture in his right thumb. The injury, which happened during the 31-20 victory over the San Diego Chargers, forced the quarterback to undergo surgery. The timeline on his return is unclear. Lovie Smith, the head coach of the Bears, described the timeline in vague terms: “from what I’ve been told right now, we can expect him back at the end of the regular season.”

Just over five minutes into the fourth quarter, Cutler threw a pass that was intercepted by Chargers cornerback Antoine Cason. The Bears quarterback gave chase and injured his hand when attempting to tackle Cason. The Bears hastened to sign Josh McCown, a veteran quarterback who gives depth behind Caleb Hanie (who entered the season as the Bears second string quarterback). Nathan Enderle, a rookie drafted in the 5th round of the NFL Draft, is the third active quarterback on the Bears roster.

Serek Hahn, Staff Writer


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