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Best friends Taqueeta Sherrod, senior, and Elizabeth New, junior, talk about their style preferences and fashion advice to other fashionistas.

Describe your overall style.

Taqueeta: Classy, conservative, and business-like.

Elizabeth: I’m kind of versatile with my style.  I like to try preppy, urban, chic, and nerdy; I like to do it all. I get bored with the same look.

What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?

Taqueeta: Dots, A`gaci and Charlotte Russe.

Elizabeth: Charlotte Russe, A`gaci, Mandee and Rainbow.

What is your favorite item of clothing or accessory?

Taqueeta: Bracelets because they accent your outfits and fitted shirts show off your curves.

Elizabeth: Earrings because they bring out your face and accentuate your outfit. Also, I bought my first fedora hat in March and I thought it looked hot!

Who or what influences your fashion choices?

Taqueeta: God–because I ask him what I should wear, and he gives me an answer.

Elizabeth: I get my influences from magazines, E! News and people around me to try something else. God, too, because he gave me a creative mind.

Any fashion or style tips you would like to offer?

Taqueeta: Try to dress sexy-modest because you can try to be sexy without revealing a lot of skin.

Elizabeth: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you have a certain style, be fierce, fabulous and have fun.

Jenna Ramiro, Staff Writer


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