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Facebook’s Timeline Tells Story that No One Cares About

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The new Timeline feature recently created by Facebook promised to make individuals’ profiles more distinct. However, many users do not seem to care about others’ stories and memories, as they tend to make you feel like you are stalking on their profile.

Andre Garcia, an incoming freshman to Dominican simply summarized Timeline by saying, “It’s just another way for people to creep on someone else’s status.”

Facebook originally intended Timeline for other users to grasp a better idea of someone’s life experiences and memories. The feature, in fact, seems to be geared towards customizing and organizing one’s own profile, but what really is the point of looking back at that embarrassing photo of the family Christmas party or those unfunny comments from your eighth grade graduation?

It is refreshing to add some bit of color to your Facebook profile with your own pictures, yet if the picture isn’t large enough, it could end up becoming stretched out across your profile, resulting in hideously awful pixilation.

Even worse, many of your own pictures end up out of order and misarranged which seemingly defeats the purpose of showcasing a chronological order of your life.

Geiger Soto, a former student at Dominican University, says that the Timeline makes things more confusing and difficult, especially with users still becoming adjusted to the changes of the Newsfeed feature. He adds that, “However, nothing is ever enough. Facebook has to constantly upgrade or else a new social networking site will be everyone’s favorite network”.

The timeline feature is optional, and users aren’t forced by Facebook to embrace yet another change, as often happens.

In the end, many are steering clear of Timeline. As for this Facebook user’s profile, you are just going to have to stalk through my pictures the old-fashioned way.

Anthony Garcia, Staff Writer


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  1. Very creep indeed.
    I personally don’t think people (other than the predictable narcissists) are going to embrace the Timeline the way Facebook expects. Enough already!


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