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Pro-life advocates gather in D.C. for annual march

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On Jan. 23, more than 400,000 demonstrators marched through Washington, D.C. in support of pro-life ideology. The Archdiocese of Chicago brought nearly 500 members to this year’s March for Life rally, one of them being Mary Stroka, a senior at Dominican and pro-life activist.

The March for Life first originated in Jan. 1974, and now close to half a million people participate each year. Protestors rally with colorful signs toting anti-abortion messages and pro-life statements.

This year Stroka attended the demonstration for the first time, saying it’s a visual representation of how many people are against abortion and take a pro-life stance, in an age where pro-choice is an idea more readily accepte. Stroka says the crowd included people of all different races, creeds and backgrounds.

“Since I was unable to start a pro-life club at Dominican this year, I felt like it was the least I could do to show my support for a cause that helps the millions of people who every year are affected by abortion: the unborn, women and men,” Stroka said of her first, but not last, time at the annual demonstration.

Katherine Kulpa, Editor-in-chief


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