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From keeping it classic to mixing together different styles, Molly Dettman, DU freshman, and Julie Bartoski, DU junior, provide their favorite fashion tips.

Molly Dettman (Jenna Ramiro, DOMINICAN STAR)

1. Describe your overall style. (In general, are you Classy, Trendy, Chic, etc.)

Molly: My overall style is classy chic. I love to mix pop colors in with classic black and white. My favorite items to add just the right amount of sparkle and style to any outfit are jewelry and hair accessories. In addition, I love finishing every one of my looks with a great bag and fabulous shoes.

Julie: I am a mix. I put everything together myself.

2. What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?

Molly: My favorite stores are Nordstrom’s, Guess, Macy’s, Express, Von Maur and DSW. I love stores that have a fun, bright atmosphere with quality shopping and affordable prices. A friendly and well-decorated store with a great environment makes all the difference.

Julie: Nordstrom’s, H & M and sometimes the Gap.

3. Favorite brands or designers?

Molly: Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Guess, Marc Jacobs, and Donna Karan, are some of my all-time favorites. However, it’s exciting because I am constantly learning and discovering new fashions from designers in my fashion classes here at Dominican. My list of favorites is always growing.

Julie: I am a big fan of Joe’s Jeans.

4. What is your favorite item of clothing or accessory?

Molly: Like I mentioned before, I love my jewelry and accessories because they add sparkle and can play up any outfit taking it from daytime casual to going out at night. However, my favorite piece in my wardrobe right now would have to be my pink pea coat and checkered scarf I got for Christmas.

Julie: I am a big fan of scarves and earrings.

5. Favorite go-to-outfit?

Molly: I can always count on my off-the-shoulder sweater dress paired with a belt for a pop of color, flats or my favorite heeled boots, and just the right amount of sparkle from my jewelry to help me look my best and be confident when I look in the mirror. Of course the look would not be complete with my bright coat and a great bag.

6. What do you look for when buying clothes?

Molly: When I’m shopping I look for pieces that I can mix and match with things I already have in my wardrobe. That way I get more outfit choices out of the clothing that I buy. Fit, color and texture are also very important and I like to be able to try on what I’m thinking about purchasing. Clothing may look great on the hanger and then look completely different when you actually try it on.

Julie: Definitely comfort and how it fits.

7. Who do you consider as your great fashion icons (celebrities, royals, etc)?

Molly: I admire Kate Middleton’s style. Everything she puts together always catches my eye and I find it breathtaking. I also admire Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sandra Bullock, Victoria Beckham and Taylor Swift.

Julie: Rachel Bilson, because I like her style.

Julie Bartoski (Jenna Ramiro, DOMINICAN STAR)

8. If you could raid any celebrity’s closet, whose would it be and why?

Molly: I would have to say Kate Middleton. None of her clothes would even come close to fitting me but that’s what
tailors are for! I love her classy, elegant style and having an opportunity like that would be amazing. She is an incredible and beautiful woman with a big heart and tons of class and is definitely who I look up to as a fashion role model.

9. Any fashion or style tips you would like to offer?

Molly: Stay true to yourself and wear what you feel best in. Fashion is about celebrating your own personal style and taking pride in the way you look. You can expand your own personal style by getting fashion tips and ideas from magazines, celebrities and other resources. Resources like these will help you put outfits together, but it is that unique spark of style in each of us that completes a great outfit. You will be most confident and look your best in clothing you know looks good on you and represents who you are without you having to say a word. Find your own style, celebrate it, be confident and finish your outfit with a smile!

Julie: Put in your own twist [when it comes to] style.

Jenna Ramiro, Staff Writer


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