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The Dominican Star is the student newspaper at Dominican University. A new issue of the paper comes out once every two weeks during the academic year. Newspaper stands are located throughout the campus, and the newspaper’s circulation is 1,000.

Dominican University is located at 7900 W. Division St. in River Forest, Ill.


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  1. Christopher Kazaglis

    To Ms. Miller,
    My name is Christopher Kazaglis and I am a graduate student at Dominican’s School of Education.
    I went to the financial aid office last week to discuss next semester’s cost and any paper work I might need. I was told that the federal government signed into law, the end of subsidized student loans for graduate students. Unsubsidized student loans are still available but they accumulate interest. The last day to sign up for subsidized loans is June 30th for the 2012/2013 school year. A student may request the entire subsidized amount, some $8000. After June 30th, a financial aid for graduate students will be unsubsidized.
    This has me scrambling to find a graduate assistance-ship or research scholarship. Back in 2005-07 at UIC, every floor of the liberal arts college had signs saying “no graduate assistance-ships are available.” How are the prospects going to be in 2012?
    I’m looking at four more years of graduate school, part time, at two classes a semester which costs about $4800. There is currently a 9% interest rate so that is almost $1000 a year interest solely on tuition. Heaven knows what will happen if I must borrow for living expenses on top of my tuition.
    I’ve told my entire cohort of school of education peers to have filled out their fafsa right away in January and apply for the entire subsidized amount in may (the soonest you are able to apply for 2021/2013). I am really worried.
    -Christopher Kazaglis


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