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DU athletes earn record-high GPA

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Dominican’s athletes together achieved a record-high GPA in the 2011 fall semester. Ken Trendel, assistant to the directors of athletics and sports information director, has been keeping records of the athletic department’s GPAs each


semester. Trendel said that the overall department GPA was 3.1650 last semester. This is the highest it has been since the 2006-2007 academic year, when the GPAs in the athletic department started to be determined by a more scientific system in which a more accurate average is found. It is a more scientific cumulative GPA, taking the total number of quality points earned in each semester by all the student-athletes, and then dividing by the total number of credits attempted. Prior to this system the total GPA was taken, non-weighted, and divided by the total number of credit hours. The athletic department has never reached a 3.10 prior to this semester. The previous highest average was a 3.09. The teams that had a GPA above the department average included men’s basketball (3.1672), women’s basketball (3.3596), women’s cross-country (3.3625), men’s soccer (3.1998), women’s soccer (3.3639), men’s tennis (3.2145), women’s tennis (3.2574), and women’s volleyball (3.4393). How did these teams who were busy in-season during the fall semester manage to achieve these GPAs?

Sophomore tennis player, Rachel Taddy, explained: “I balanced school and tennis just by keeping busy and staying organized. I used a lot of sticky notes to remind me of things I had to do.

Sophomore soccer player, Patryk Pliszka, said, “I just kept a consistent schedule every week of exactly when I’m going to do what; I even scheduled my naps!”

“There’s a lot more to being student-athlete. Family comes first, then school, and the sport comes last. If your priorities are in order you will succeed,” senior volleyball player, Evelyn Gamboa, said.

Why so high this semester? Many athletes simply adjusted their lifestyles.

“I changed my routine in a lot of ways. Time management was definitely put into play, especially because of my two jobs,” junior cross-country runner Janette Zetina said. “Also, I did a lot of re-prioritizing and I used the resources at school.”

Through being pushed by coaches and teammates, trying to reach a team GPA goal, being able to manage time, and keeping priorities straight, Dominican’s athletes prove that they can succeed both on and off the court or field.

– Lauren Reiniger, Staff writer


Lund-Gill: The endowed chair is not a piece of furniture

By: Cait Guerra, Contributing Reporter

One problem with the Lund-Gill, bringing an established scholar to campus with a specialization in a field related to the arts and sciences, is that non-honor students often don’t know what the Lund-Gill chair is or have never even heard of it.

“I feel like non-honor students have no idea what the Lund-Gill chair is, but honors students have a general idea of it because we get emails about it during the year,” junior honors student Katy Somerfield said.

Several non-Honor students backed this idea up.

Stephanie Jones, a non-honors junior, said, “What is the Lund-Gill? Is that a piece of furniture?”

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