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Better Together ready for new semester

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With Eboo Patel-this year’s Lund-Gill chair and the founder of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC)-gone, the question for DU’s interfaith club Better Together has come down to, “where do we go from here?”

Despite Patel’s absence, leaders in the group say that Patel’s presence on campus did not overly affect the plans that Better Together has made in the past.

Better Together is the student-led effort to increase interfaith knowledge. Hannah Minks, an active member in the group, said that Better Together is more focused on working with clubs and organizations than other departments in the school. She also said that they want to expose students to interfaith cooperation.

“We want to get people comfortable talking about their spiritual and religious identities,” she said. “We’re reaching out to more students through events on campus through clubs and organizations.”

Along with the work done by Better Together, University Ministry also entered a partnership with IFYC last year, according to University Minister Matt Palkert. Palkert said DU and IFYC together “assessed [Dominican’s] culture for respect of faiths and how to improve interfaith knowledge.”

This, along with the efforts of Better Together, helps make up a strong interfaith presence on campus.

David Gayes, another student involved in Better Together, said that they are hoping to use events that are already a staple at Dominican and combine them with learning about interfaith cooperation.

One of the events Better Together is planning is a speed-faithing event on Feb. 14. The members are also working to bring back the Interfaith Engagement Series. Lastly, the group is planning a Fast for Haiti event and a Seder for the Jewish Passover.

Cait Guerra, Contributing Writer